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Beauty Post! Naomi Watts shares her beauty routine

- Wakes up at 7AM every day to do her "mum duty"
- Loves yoga and facials, became a business partner for a clean beauty store (which coincidentally sells all the stuff she mentioned here *cough*)
- Has a very sensitive skin, breaks out when she kisses men with a beard
- Likes trying different products and "shocking" her skin into new things (??)
- Removes makeup with some weird fiber sponges and water
- Her all-time favorite product is Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum
- Enjoys products from Goop and Joanna Vargas
- Uses a lotion bar to moisturize her body
- Doesn't wear makeup because she has to wear so much of it for work but likes no-fuss products like RMS Beauty "Un" Cover-Up
- Likes a red lip and never wears any red clothes
- Has been getting her eyelashes and eyebrows tinted since she was a kid
- Is proud of her eyebrows and refuses to thin them out for a role
- Thinks chin length hair suits her the best

Source 1, Source 2
Tags: actor / actress, beauty / makeup, interview, naomi watts

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