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ONTD Original - Oscars 2018 Edition - Were Early Oscar Predictions Correct?

Back by not popular demand. Every year pundits come out with their early Oscar predictions. But, were they actually close to predicting the Oscar nominees this year?

The Post:

I know it got 2 Oscar nominations, but considering the director/cast/subject matter, this shit flopped. There were numerous "this will be an Oscars clip!" moments and they were hilarious tbh - the scene where they're reading out the ruling or when Meryl comes out to a group of women praising her, lmao.




I never watched this tbh, so I don't have anything to say other than people thought it had potential to be an Oscars contender because Kathryn Bigelow is an Oscar winning director and her 2 previous films, Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty, did well.


Matt Damon truly flopped this year, as did Paramount, lmao. Downsizing had early buzz because it's Alexander Payne and his last three movies, Sideways, The Descendants, and Nebraska all got nominated for Best Picture - he's an Academy favorite (I can't believe people like his movies). Suburbicon had buzz because people keep forgetting that George Clooney can't direct, SAD!

The Class Castle:

Naomi Watts needs to get a new agent.

Battle of the Sexes:

I still maintain that they should have just focused the entire movie on Billie Jean King, I don't care about that dude, whatshisface. I read up about BJK and her previous partner, Marilyn, and that shit was messy as fuck but so interesting, give me that movie!


Legit forgot this movie existed until I started making this post. Todd Haynes gave us the masterpiece that is Carol (all you homophobes can stay out my mentions tbh), this stars Julianne Moore and her prosthetics.

Roman Israel, Esq.:

Dan Gilroy gave us Nightcrawler and then followed it up with the trash ass Kong: Skull Island and this... what a bitch.

Wonder Wheel:

This provided us with endless "Kate embarrasses herself" moments


Christopher Nolan fanboys can shut up now, he got a Best Director nomination. I saw someone the other day argue that it should have been nominated for Screenplay and I choked. This movie also provided us with the Anonymous Oscar voter that didn't know anything about the war apparently and really wanted Nolan to include a map of where Dunkirk was.

Call Me By Your Name:

James Ivory is gonna win an Oscar for this... seriously the screenplay was terribly written.

Phantom Thread:

AN ICONIC MOVIE THAT DESERVES ALL THE AWARDS (along with Lady Bird)! It's Daniel Day Lewis and Paul Thomas Anderson, it was expected to do well, but leading up to the Oscars nominations announcement it was kinda borderline flopping, but it was able to pull off 6 nominations - VICKY KRIEPS WAS ROBBED THOUGH!

Darkest Hour:

British. Period piece. Boring. Hammy. People had been predicting this was gonna give Oldman is "long overdue" Oscar, it will, whatever. Him and the film are trash.

Get Out:

The fact that this had a super early release but was able to keep up the momentum and get as many nominations as it did is pretty crazy.

Last years posts: 1 and 2

I look forward to the snarky "lol, no one predicted these" comments! 😘

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