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Press Tour for Pacific Rim: Uprising Begins In Australia, John Talks Life, Production and Star Wars

– John Boyega started the tour in Australia with an interview for talk show The Project, as Uprising was filmed in Sydney.
– Says he acted a lot against green screen and didn't know what things would look like, and once the visual effects were added he laughed since it looked like he "was doing something important."
– Host Rachel Corbett says she cried at the film because anything about friendship and group bonds working together really gets her. (same, aussie tv person)
– Before Star wars came out, Boyega was at the same agency as Robert Downey Jr. and emailed about maybe getting some advice about dealing with the press. John nearly crashed his car in London when he answered the phone and it was really RDJ and not some random American. Says that the best advice RDJ gave him was to "party hard".
– Nigerian singer Wizkid's 2017 hit "Daddy Yo" will be featured on the film's soundtrack. John said as his studio produced the film he got to make some creative choices and wanted to get feature some Nigerian music and also market to the audience there.
– On if he regrets joining Star Wars: "Nah, no, definitely not, definitely not. Even when it's not the best experiences, it's a blessing, and I really can't complain. They got socks with my face on it."
– When asked about the backlash and discussion surrounding The Last Jedi, and if he's ever joined in on any of the debate: "Um yeah, yeah I did, especially a lot with my friends. A lot of them didn't like it, some you know, some did, and so – I like to talk about Star Wars and debate, I mean it has to be important for us to talk about it, and I love that, I love that." (lol)
– Says most ridiculous complaint about The Last Jedi he heard is his friend calling the connection between Rey and Kylo Ren "force tinder"... "Why is the force giving them tinder-like abilities?"
– John will be taking more questions about the film today at 4PM, check below for info.
– Rinko Kinkuchi returns as Mako Mori in a minor but very important role. She's featured a bit more in the Japanese trailer.
– The film will be released March 23rd.

ONTD, are you ready for the new generation?

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