The American Idol Reboot is Two Weeks Away: Will It Succeed?

The reboot of American Idol will debut in two weeks with new judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie. Will it have a chance to succeed? Or will it flop as hard as Katy's last album?

The last AI ran for 15 seasons.

Why it could succeed:

*The original was wildly successful and beloved

*Other singing shows like The Voice, America's Got Talent and The X Factor took off, but have lost momentum

*Lost of music genres are kind of meh right now and could use a new star

*New judges could be a hit

*Will have new theme song, new set, new feel

Why it could flop:

*The original was wildly successful and beloved

*The new one will not include bad auditions, which were a key part of the first AI

*Singing shows have become predictable

*Only a few stars ever took off. Most winners were flops.

*Paula, Simon, and Randy are iconique and it will be hard to capture their dynamic

*Katy Perry, judging someone else's singing talent? REALLY??

Will the new American Idol succeed or flop?

It will succeed like Lionel Richie
It will be mediocre like Luke Bryan
It will flop like Katy Perry

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