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Riz Ahmed & Mohsin Hamid at Lahore Literary Festival 2018

- Riz Ahmed joined novelist Mohsin Hamid at one of the most anticipated sessions at the Lahore Literary Festival 2018 called “MC Activist”
- This is Ahmed’s first time visiting Pakistan in 13 years and first time visiting Lahore; likens it to visiting an ex
- Amazed at how Pakistan has changed and how out of touch families who migrated in the 60s and 70s are from it (like his parents)
- Talks about how creating is an act of defiance and survival because of the issues that people of color deal with, which Hamid agrees with saying it’s a way to combat the helplessness people feel and make connections with others
- Wants to try to connect with other creatives and artists in Pakistan to collaborate
- Hamid asks Riz what he thinks about his "ex"/Pakistan, to which he responds “The ex is looking good. Changed a lot... really changed. Kinda still playing hard to get, ever mysterious and a little schizophrenic."

The audience also requested Riz to perform, to which he obliged:

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