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How does Stone Temple Pilots' new singer sound? + the band releases a new song

I think we can all answer Loudwire's question with a confident "he sounds like Scott Weiland." But anyways, the band has given new lead singer Jeff Gutt a slower song in their latest single, Art of Letting Go.

Is it an ode to Weiland? Take a look at the lyrics:

"I hope to see your smile again / But some day’s far too long of a road / The Art of Letting Go / I may be setting myself up to have to / Walk the streets alone / For letting go"

The album is out March 16th! Of it, Gutt says it's got a lot of vibes we don't see in music today, and that he didn't try to change anything and that this album has healed a few things in him.

Source / Video

I know he's not Scott, but the music released so far has been lovely imo.
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