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ONTD Original: Seven Adorable Twitter Interactions Between Father & Son, Mark Hamill & John Boyega

In our very own galaxy, we are blessed enough to witness the precious relationship that exists between Star Wars co-stars Mark Hamill and John Boyega via their twitters. Here are 7 fun interactions between the two. Thank the Force that they were brought together <3

John is late for The Last Jedi premier, Mark gives him some sound advice:

Mark scolds John and Kelly Marie for goofing off, respect your elders John!:

After a day of TLJ promo:

Mark has questions about the trailer for John's movie, Pacific Rim Uprising:

Mark, John, and Rian Johnson have a laugh at the snowflake version of TLJ with all the women edited out:

Mark and John come on opposite sides of the Porg debate:

Mark gives John a shout out and is left hanging:

Sources: Mark's twitter, John's twitter, tweet with video

What are your favorite celebrity friendships?

PS we need a Mark Hamill tag.
Tags: celebrity social media, john boyega, ontd original, star wars

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