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ONTD Original: Top 11 TV moments that made you cry.

ONTD, are you ready to have some rain down your face?!

11. Robert's Heart Attack (Brothers & Sisters)
'Brothers & Sisters' - 3x16 - Troubled Waters

B&S was such an underrated show. In one of their best scenes the show contrasts life and death when Robert (Rob Lowe) has to rush to the hospital to see his baby's birth but he has a heart attack on the way. Everyone's acting is top notch and even the Coldplay music works perfectly.

10. Ten Regenerates (Doctor Who)
'Doctor Who' - 4x18 - The End of Time, Part 2

DW has had many sad moments (Doomsday!) but if you were a Tennant fan, this one hit you hard. The show was about to close a big chapter so David Tennant's doctor said goodbye to all his companions once he knew his regenerations was coming... 'I don't wanna go' became a heartbreaking reminder of Tennant's time as the doctor.

09. Hannah's mom finds her after she killed herself (13 Reasons Why)
'13 Reasons Why' - 1x13 - Tape 7, Side A
[TW: suicide]
It became the most talked about show for a while. 'How did Hannah Baker killed herself?' and while the moment was pretty gruesome, sad and hard to watch, her mom finding her in a pool of blood is almost as heartbreaking.

08. Illyria rises (Angel)
'Angel' - 5x15 - A Hole in the World

During 5 seasons Angel managed to make Fred the best character in the show. She had a thing going with Wesley on and off again so it was heartbreaking when suddenly out of nowhere an ancient goddess kills her to take over her body. Her final moments are one of the best scenes in the entire Buffyverse.

07. Chasing Cars Scene (Grey's Anatomy)
'Grey's Anatomy' - 2x27 - Losing My Religion


06. Carter and Lucy get stabbed (E.R.)
'E.R.' - 6x13 - Be Still My Heart

Lucy was an OK character, she didn't had the reaction TPTB hoped so in a Valentine's Day episode a mad mad stabs Carter in the back when he enters a room, while he's lying in his own blood unable to do anything he sees Lucy on the floor, who also got stabbed minutes before. The moment is surprising, shocking and makes you have so many mixed feelings.

05. Jack dies (This is Us)
'This Is Us' - 2x14 - Super Bowl Sunday

A recent one. Everyone was waiting for Jack to die in the fire, in the end he dies in the hospital due to smoke inhalation. Mandy Moore gives a performance worthy of all the awards that also makes you wonder why we don't have 'A Walk to Remember 2: Walk Harder'.

04. Karen beats depression (Once & Again)
'Once & Again' - 3x12 - Gardenia

(Scene starts @ 28:29) 'Once & Again' was a very underrated show, a critical darling yet not many people watched it besides for those lesbian scenes with Misha Barton and Evan Rachel Wood, but one of the best moments was when Karen (who was battling depression for a while) is told by her doctor to list things she's looking forward to. She does and notices she has tons of stuff to live for. She feels happy after a long time battling depression...when suddenly a car hits her.

03. John Ritter's Memorial episode (8 Simple Rules)
'8 Simple Rules (for dating my teenage daughter)' - 2x04 - Goodbye

John Ritter died during the second season of 8SRFDMTD, his death was written into the show and the episode when everyone finds out the family dad died is heartbreaking cause everyone was actually mourning John. The episode had no laugh track and was recorded without a live audience.

02. The Quarterback Episode (Glee)
'Glee' - 2x04 - The Quarterback

Similar to 8SRFDMTD, Glee was still a very popular show when Cory Monteith suddenly died. His death was written into the show and the entire episode is made to make you cry from start to finish, from the return of all past castmembers, Finn's mom having a meltdown, PedoWill stealing Finn's jacket and Lea Michelle's tribute performance. It's one of the best tributes TV has seen.

01. The final montage (Six Feet Under)
'Six Feet Under' - 5x13 - Everyone's Waiting

Six Feet Under always dealt with death and during the Series finale's final moments, they went out as they should, flashforwarding to every single character's death. It's undoubtedly the best series finale TV has ever seen and it'll make you cry like a baby.

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ONTD, any TV moments that made you cry like a baby?
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