After a crash, Prince Jackson asks you to stop texting & driving

On Nov. 2nd last year I got hit while I was riding my motorcycle. I was riding to school around 7am it had been raining that week and light rain on this particular day. I had a feeling that I probably shouldn’t have ridden that day but I did, I felt like I should turn on my camera but I didn’t and right before 7am a large work truck made a left in front of me. I grabbed my brakes until I could feel the ABS kick in but it wasn’t enough and I hit the right side of the truck. I was really fortunate that my injuries were not major and not permanent because I thought it would end badly. After the impact and me yelling obscenities in the street trying to catch my breath I realized 2 things. 1) riding motorcycles is dangerous and can be deadly and 2) I was getting back on one. Now I have a new bike as my Low Rider was completely totaled in the crash and I’m trying to learn to be a better rider and taking my time. I’m sure I’ll be talking about this in detail in future videos but I think the important takeaway is I was hit because someone thought a text was more important than driving. I don’t care who you are or what you do a text message ain’t worth someone’s life or yours. I hate seeing people on their phone while driving because most people do not understand that a car is capable of causing a significant amount of damage and is something that requires constant attention. If you get bored while driving how bout looking out for motorcyclists and get off your stupid fucking phone.


do you drive like an asshole, ONTD?