Prince Harry Allegedly Invites Two of His (many) Former Flames to His Wedding

- He dated Chelsy for 7 years, Cressida lasted for 2....he allegedly cheated on both (multiple times).

- The two allegedly got the invite, no word on if they accepted.

- Also no word on whether the various club bunnies, vegas ladies, lingerie models, the lady who blew him once in Alberta, the Scottsdale thots from when he was training at Luke AF base in Phoenix, or any of the other side pieces he used to cheat on them with will attend.

- Meghan's exes will NOT be invited.

- His father invited his mistress to his wedding, which greatly bothered his mother.

Would you be ok with your future husband inviting his exes or his mistress to your wedding, ONTD?

Src is the dailyfail so ???