Trans Activist Ashlee Marie Preston Interviews Rose McGowan

After canceling all her public appearances after being confronted about not doing anything for trans people by Andi Dier (who, it was later revealed has been accused of sexually assaulting minors), McGowan, in an interview with Ashlee Marie Person, says that Dier was paid by Weinstein to verbally assault her.

McGowan explains why she canceled events after the confrontation: "I had to cancel all public appearances, because I thought that person could have had a gun. That person could have killed me. That person is a bad person. And that person is wrong."

She is also disheartened by being judged for her comments in the context of this experience and being called transphobic. "To be terrorized like that, and to have people flip out over word choices that I made when I was under assault is assaultive to me," she says.

McGowan also talks about her own upbringing in a cult. "I grew up without mirrors — largely, for the first 10 years of my life. I was not raised as a sex, or as a gender, or as a race. We were experiments. We were supposed to be just minds."

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