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Today on The View! Tamar Braxton, Jesse Williams, & Joe Kennedy III are interviewed

First - Megan McCain apparently thinks she's Lagertha from VIKINGS and her hair looks ridiculous. ANYWAYS! Tamar discusses her reality show, her relationship with Vince, her IG meltdown, filing for divorce and oh.... Vince is in the audience and comes up to the panel! Vince is asked if he got another woman pregnant which he denies.

Jesse Williams stops by today on The View. He discusses Black Lives Matter, Grey's Anatomy and episodes that reflect current events such as black men being shot by police, his new game called BLeBRiTY! The panel and Jesse play a demo of the game and it looks like fun!! Sunny & Jesse are a team and do really well!

Democratic Massachusetts Congressman Joe Kennedy III stops by! They get right to it about Joe's shiny lips and the commentary from everyone about it. Poor bb. But he's got a sense of humor about it.
They discuss gun control and Paula and Megan's facial expressions pretty much show they don't believe a thing Joe says - especially when it comes to the mental health topic. Joy asks if he plans on running for president.

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Tags: actor / actress, greys anatomy (abc), jesse williams, politics, reality show, the view (abc)
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