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Este Haim Leaves Cheryl Cole a Voicemail

American pop rock band HAIM attended the 2018 BRIT Awards two nights ago. As couple Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne talked to host Jack Whitehall during the live show about their sex life, band member Este Haim, whom was seated behind them, winked, appeared to pretend to apply lip chap and mouthed “call me” at the camera. This prompted Twitter, who were not familiar with Este and HAIM, to mistake her for a random drunk woman. Este later tweeted about the incident saying, “not drunk, just living my truth.

On Thursday morning she took it a step further to clarify any confusion. HAIM appeared on BBC Radio 1 and during the show, Este Haim left a voicemail for Chezza.

“Cheryl, hi, this is Este Haim calling. I'm in a band called Haim with my sisters. We - wait, before anything, congratulations on the baby. Big mazel! Um, I happened to be sitting behind you last night at the BRIT Awards and had an amazing time. However, some people, uh, on the Internet are claiming that I may or may not have been, I dunno, thumb in my nose at the situation in front of me. That's an Americanism. But I just want to let you know, there's no beef. And I'd like to invite you to my show at Alexander Palace on June 15, 2018. Big kiss, lots of love, there's no beef. We're all friends here. Big hug, big kisses, love you - call me. I'll text you my number, bye.”

♪♪ call my name, my name ♪♪

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