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Kerry Washington Round up!

Kerry is being honored at the Costume Designers Guild's Spotlight Award for her work on Scandal. She talks about how it was important for her and Lyn Elizabeth Paolo to bring femininity into DC. Until the time around when Scandal first aired, being a powerful women meant dressing like a man in pant suits with dark colors. Lyn and Kerry thought it was important to embrace the female form and pastel colors instead of just the dark blue and black colors mainly worn by men. Kerry also states that because she is a woman of color she would be able to pull off some of the pastel colors in a different way that hadn't seen on television.

Kerry looking radiant in Dolce & Gabbana at the Costume Designers Guild Awards

Kerry received the Spotlight Award, presented to her by longtime friend by Eva Longoria and stated in her speech:
“...By the time I left college, I not only knew how to iron, but I was able to say to people that I don’t really know who a character is until I know what shoes she wears,” she said. “Because the shoes tell you how I walk. They tell me how I stand. They tell me who I am. I have relied on the wisdom and genius of costume designers every step along the way.”

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Is anyone still watching Scandal besides me? I don't know what I'm going to do without Olivia Pope on my tv every week *cries* Scandal returns March 1!!
Don't forget there is the Scandal/How To Get Away With Murder crossover March 1!!!

3rd time's the charm?? <3 <3 :) if not i give up lol
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