Pierce the Dickish (iantoj) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Pierce the Dickish

Brendan Fraser says #MeToo

In a profile piece with GQ Magazine, Brendan Fraser explains why he all but disappeared from the movie industry.

Details for the first time the sexual assault he encountered from former Hollywood Foreign Press Association President Philip Berk.

Mr Berk denies the allegation.

Talks about how a set of injuries left him needing surgery and being in and out of hospital for seven years.

Talks about how he saved a horse from being abused on set in Mexico and brought him back to America as a gift for son, who is rated on the autism spectrum, and how the two became therapeutic for each other.

Talks about how an interview he did for The Affair was difficult for him because he had just lost his mother. The article mentions that the interview went viral because people thought he was sad, Fraser simply states that it was because he was.

Talks about a bizarre encounter he had with Brett Ratner in Ratner's home, when he was up for the part of Superman and Ratner was attached as director.


It's an interesting albeit melancholy article. Definitely worth a read.
Tags: #metoo, interview, magazine covers and articles
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