a_files06 (a_files06) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

CBB US Day 10: RoomieSquad assemble!

-James continues to come up with very bad team names as Ross/Marissa make a new F4 with James/Mark. Whoever wins HOH will hold Ross/Marissa's favor.

-The OG F4 vow not to let Omarosa come between them.

-James isn't happy that Ross took himself off of the block since they wanted to get Brandi out. James wants to target Brandi/Ari (shocker). Ross wants to attempt to unite both of alliances into a super alliance.

-Omarosa attempts to rally the girls together while trying to manipulate Marissa and turn her against James/Mark.

-James COMPLETELY throws the HOH to Mark. SUPER embarrassing. Just standing there for 5 mins as Mark wobbles to the win against Brandi.

-Mark puts Brandi/Ari on the block.

Tags: big brother (reality show), reality show, reality show celebrity
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