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Rihanna Celebrates her 30th Birthday in New York City 🎂

Rihanna celebrated her 30th birthday in New York City last night at The Grill Restaurant. She had an intimate four-course dinner followed by a party at The Pool.

• Celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio, Paris Hilton, and Toni Braxton, who performed a six-song set for the birthday girl on her special day.

• The Bajan beauty wore a Saint Laurent’s Spring 2018 look - which had a billowing magenta ruffle top with a high-cut skirt. She completed the look with diamond and ruby earrings and other blinged out jewelry.

An insider exclusively told the source that: “They crushed hundreds of bottles of champagne, and Leo DiCaprio snuck into the afterparty through a side door.” Of course he did.

• On her last day in her 20's, Rih wore a 'I Hate Rihanna' t-shirt.

• Also to help celebrate, Fenty Beauty by Rihanna released a special 'Dirty Thirty' birthday highlighter.

• Check out photos from the fiesta behind the cut as well as some celebrities tweeting Rih a happy birthday.




not about ha birthday but Olly! <3 it sorta counts!

ONTD, have you celebrated your 30th?

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