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Hallmark's 2018 American Rescue Dog Show Winners!

2018 American Rescue Dog Show

The 2018 American Rescue Dog Show invites you to help save lives through adoption of shelter pets. This competition includes mixed breed and pure breed rescue dogs competing in a variety of cute categories, all with the goal of ending pet homelessness.

Hosted by Rebecca Romijn and Rich Eisen.


Winner: Lazarus
Prize: $5,000
Rescue Organization: Adopt A Saint
About Lazarus: At 174 pounds, Lazarus still acts like a puppy. He loves to play with his toys but his favorite thing to do is sleep on the couch. Lazarus also likes to chew bones while relaxing in his dog bed. He loves belly rubs, massages, and cuddling…. preferably on the couch, of course! Lazarus is the ambassador for his breed’s rescue group as he loves to meet and greet people and dogs at fundraisers and dog parks.


Winner: Oreo
Prize: $5,000
Rescue Organization: Forte Animal Rescue
About Oreo: Oreo is great at two things: fetching and flashing that amazing smile of his. He even has his own system for fetching: as Oreo brings the ball back he gently uses his nose to properly place the ball closer. Brian calls him the “The King of Fetch.” Brian met Oreo when he was volunteering and although he has met and rescued many dogs from the euthanasia lists, there was something about Oreo that he just fell in love with! They now live together happily ever after.


Winner: Lizzie
Prize: $5,000
Rescue Organization: Bullies and Buddies Rescue
About Lizzie: Lizzie loves belly rubs, and going out shopping or somewhere with lots of people she knows she can steal cuddles from. When she finds the right person, she will wait and lay down in the walking path to get belly rubs. If they don’t stop, she won’t move and will wait for the next victim. Lizzie loves people and plays to the camera; she is not shy and has many rescue playmates. She loves to kiss!


Winner: Bertie Botts
Prize: $5,000
Rescue Organization: Hope for Paws
About Bertie Botts: Bertie Botts is paying attention to everything you say…she even remembers names! She likes to tilt her head and pay attention and looks adorable doing so. Bertie is named after a Harry Potter character…Bertie Botts. Bertie is extremely kind to others, she has a pet rat named Pat, and a feline sister names Schmox, whom she loves. Her favorite toy is her birthday “duck,” a present she received on her birthday.


Winner: Charlie
Prize: $5,000
Rescue Organization: Animal Care Centers of NYC
About Charlie: Charlie is deaf and lived in four homes before he was surrendered to the shelter as “uncontrollable.” He was adopted by Colleen and together they learned 52 different American Sign Language (ASL) signs. He is part of the Positive Pet Program at a local hospital in Santa Monica, CA and brings joy to everyone who meets him.


Winner: Jackie
Prize: $5,000
Rescue Organization: A Purposeful Rescue
About Jackie: At age 11, Jackie is young, gentle, and has an amazing spirit. She also loves to be by your side and just sit and stare into your eyes. Jackie was 10 years old when her former family left her at the shelter. Being a senior dog, and a black dog, her chances of adoption were slim. She was scheduled for euthanasia, and with hours to spare, she was rescued just in time! From the moment Jackie came home and met her new family, two kids, and three other rescue dogs, she knew she was home. Jackie loves snuggling in bed with her family at night, after a long day of swimming, playing fetch, and socializing. She has never met a person or dog that she didn’t like.


Winner: Peaches
Prize: $5,000
Rescue Organization: Smiling Dog Rescue
About Peaches: Peaches loves to cuddle on the bed after breakfast (and snore loudly)! She makes cute snorting sounds while walking along the beach and running along the ocean chasing birds. Peaches is ready to meet and love anyone and everyone, especially if they will give her a belly rub! Although she had a rough beginning, you would never know it from her happy demeanor. Once at risk of euthanasia, she is now the life of the party wherever she goes!


Winner: Hazel
Prize: $5,000
Rescue Organization: Abandoned Animal Rescue
About Hazel: Hazel loves peanut butter and will yodel, coo, and prance in place for it! Aubrey was just scrolling the internet when she came across Hazel’s photo by chance. Aubrey had just moved to Los Angeles and was on her own. The second she saw Hazel she knew she had to have her. She booked a flight to Houston to go adopt the dog of her dreams. Hazel had been abandoned three times before she was 9 months old. She is smart, sweet, energetic, and has nothing but love for everyone. Aubrey says that Hazel rescued her. They have an amazing connection and Hazel is a great communicator.


Winner: Andy
Prize: $5,000
Rescue Organization: The Pixie Project
About Andy: Dan met Andy at a puppy “Meet and Greet” shortly after Dan moved to Portland. Andy curled into Dan’s arms and they have been together ever since. They have gone on road trips, hiked Mount Hood, strolled Pike Place Market in Seattle, and took a trip to Canada together. Andy loves wearing sweaters and jackets, but hates the rain (which is ironic considering he lives in Portland). He has a group of dogs in the neighborhood that he absolutely loves to hang out with at the local dog park and daycare.


Winner: Betty
Prize: $5,000
Rescue Organization: Dream Team Angels Rescue
About Betty: Betty has the best butt wiggle on the market and greets her parents with so much enthusiasm when they come home after a long day. She loves cuddling and when you show her any attention. Betty also amazingly is bilingual, since she understands Spanish and English.




The winners' prize money is donated to the rescue organizations.

If you plan on getting a pet, consider saving a life via adoption! Head to the source to check out some adoptable dogs.

Share your rescue pets in the comments below.


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