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Marvel announces comic relaunch 4 months after last one started

Marvel announced today a "fresh start" for their comic book line starting in May. This after their Marvel Legacy relaunch back in October landed with a floppy thud, failing to produce any excitment or increased sales in books.

The relaunch, named "A Fresh Start," will see new creative teams for each book. The only titles to be announced so far is Avengers #1 from Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness, and Venom #1 from Donny Cates and Ryan Stegam. It was also confirmed that Avengers will be the only team title, ending almost 10 years of multiple team books under the "Avengers" name.

Editor in Cheif CB Cebulski, who you remember pretended was a Japanese man to get his writing career started, says he's never seen more enthuaism and excitement in the Marvel offices (It's probably because Bendis and Axel Alonso are gone).

More titles and their creative teams will be coming in the next few days.


how long will this one last before a new relaunch is announced, ontd??
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