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ONTD Original: Memorable Celebs Who Screwed up the U.S. National Anthem

One of the top stories from last night’s 🏀 2018 NBA All-Star game isn't going to be Team LeBron winning against Team Stephen Curry nor is it going to be the half-time show that was led by N*E*R*D (though honestly, it should be). Twitter was lit the moment Stacy Ann Ferguson (Fergie) walked up to the mic and decided to coo the U.S. National Anthem. With...choice vocal runs including "an no row yen neway-ayyyy," it's clear to see why them Twitter users be lining down the block just to watch what Stacy's got. She's Flubbalicious! If the second hand embarrasment from last night isn't enough for you to bare, let's take a walk down Clumsy.mp3 lane and see what other celebrities have given us moments and somethin' to talk about around the water cooler. Ready? Four, tres, two, uno!

The Cheetah Girls
Where: The Detroit Pistons vs Portland Trailblazers Game | Year: 2008

Guest comment: "lettuce not forget this performance that was reminiscent of mice singing." - badtz_m

Comment: Lettuce not forget indeed, good sis. Cheetalicious?
I think not. More like Mice-a-licious. Amirite? Anyone? Anyone?

Secondhand Embarrasment Rating:

Christina Aguilera
Where: Superbowl XLV | Year: 2011

Comment: Bring it home sis. Ok...bring it home. Alright...home. Ok...girl you know what.
National Anthem Running Time: 0:52
Christina Aguilera's National Anthem Running Time: 13:03

Secondhand Embarrasment Rating:

Cuba Gooding Sr.
Where: Game Unknown | Year: 2008

Comment: I....I...I don't even know. He was confident?

Secondhand Embarrasment Rating:

Michael Bolton
Where: Red Sox vs. Yankees baseball game | Year: 2003

Comment: I die at 0:48 when he looks at his hand to read the lyrics. Smoking gun....I am done.

Secondhand Embarrasment Rating:

Carl Lewis
Where: Chicago Bulls @ New Jersey Nets | Year: 1993

Comment: Dios mio. Michael Jordan's face says it all.

Secondhand Embarrasment Rating:

R. Kelly
Where: Taylor vs. Hopkins Boxing Match | Year: 2005

Comment: Alright y'all, 1, 2 step to the U.S. National Anthem. Come on!

Secondhand Embarrasment Rating:

Kat DeLuna
Where: Dallas Cowboys game | Year: 2008

Comment: I can't decide what was more rough, those vocals or the boos at the end. Poor sis.

Secondhand Embarrasment Rating:

Aaron Neville, Aretha Franklin & Dr. John
Where: Super Bowl XL | Year: 2006

Comment: They did...that.

Secondhand Embarrasment Rating:

Stacy Ann Ferguson (Fergie)
Where: NBA All-Star Game | Year: 2018

Comment: Too soon, too soon. The second hand embarrassment is still too fresh.

Secondhand Embarrasment Rating:

Roseanne Barr
Where: San Diego Padres game | Year: 1990

Comment: That's accurate. That's what the government's doing. Just being honest. etc.

Secondhand Embarrasment Rating:

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