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CBB US Day 9: Is this the end of World Peace?

-Ross is happy to be nominated by Omarosa while Brandi is suspicious that her group has turned to the dark side.

-Brandi lets out that she had a F4 much to Omarosa joy and pissing off Marissa for doubting her.

-Ari points out that Omarosa has a F4 deal with all the guys sans Ross. Brandi being Brandi cant help but call James out on his F3 deal with Mark/Omarosa.

-Ross wants to make a new alliance with Mark/James with both of them open to betraying Omarosa. James wants Marissa to betray Ari and join his new F4.

-America has chosen the VIP Veto, giving the winner the ability to save two people from the block.

-Ross wins the VIP Veto and Omarosa puts World Peace on the black to finally grant him his one and only wish to get out of the house.

-World Peace has finally been evicted.

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Tags: big brother (reality show), reality show, reality show celebrity
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