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New Funko Pop Items From Toy Fair 2018

Toy Fair 2018 is wrapping up, and Funko has announced some new collections of their Vinyl Pops which will be released in the coming year. This isn't the full list, visit for that, but a few of the items of note:

*Just in time for Deadpool 2, Funko rolls out various versions of the Merc with a Mouth including Bob Ross Deadpool and Pennywise Deadpool.

*To go along with your Deadpool Funkos, grab the X-Men characters that are allowed to be in the Deadpool films: Negasonic, Domino, Cable and Colossus

*Where should you look for your future queen? Why, Queens New York, of course! Get ready to run the McDowell's fryer with Prince Akeem, Semi, and Randy Watson from Coming to America.

*Will you be hopelessly devoted to these Funkos from the film Grease? Maybe if they'd included the rest of the Pink Ladies, but we'll have to settle for two versions of Sandy and Danny.

*Did you ask for Princess Bride pops of Montoya, Westley, and Buttercup? As you wish. Unless you killed Montoya's father that is.

*More Stranger Things. I have no jokes, I couldn't get around to watching the second season.

*This SNL set has everything: two David S. Pumpkins, two skeleton b-boys, ONTD's most hated mayo of 2018, a Will Ferrell character that 50% of ONTD is probably too young to remember, and of course, Stefon.

*Go back to Smallville, a place where Lois Lane was actually enjoyable, where Clark Kent didn't have questionable CGI'd off facial hair, and where Lex Luthor was a layered, complex character and not just another chattering Jesse Eisenberg self insert. Bo Kent's cows and platitudes sold separately.

*Word on the UES is that since funkos can't have smug expressions, a certain Lonely Boy couldn't accurately capture ONTD's favorite gif. Still, I'm totally glad that rapist--both on the show and IRL--Chuck Bass isn't included in this Gossip Girl set featuring Serena,Nate, Blair, Dan, and Jenny. XOXO.

*A female kick ass spy that makes James Bond look like the old fuddy duddy he is? Yes, absolutely. Atomic Blonde's Lorraine Broughton in a few of her disguises will be coming to Funko next month.

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