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Florence Kasumba addresses BP's lack of Queer Representation

  • Florence Kasumba portrays Ayo, one of the Dora Milaje that serve as King T'Challa's personal guard in Black Panther. Having previously appeared in Captain America: Civil War, the character was expected to have a major role in this film.

  • In the comic books, Ayo has a romantic relationship with Okoye, who is portrayed in this film by Danai Gurira, and a Vanity Fair reporter claimed that she saw footage of Ayo and Okoye flirting with each other. However, the footage was cut for unknown reasons (you know why).

  • Florence was asked about the relationship between Okoye and Ayo, and she revealed she had read the World of Wakanda comic book. "The thing is, if the makers would have wanted everyone to see the scene, it would have been in the movie. The final result that we’ve seen, there were a few scenes that have been cut. Different scenes, also. They didn’t make it into the movie for certain reasons, and at that point, I have to say: What their reason is, I can’t tell you, because nobody told me about whether it’s in or not."

  • She did mention that she would like to see it play out eventually. "I’d love to, at some point. Not now, because it’s too soon. At this point, the focus is somewhere else. I started reading World of Wakanda towards the end of filming and I loved reading the comics. I loved reading about, Okay, how do the Doras become Doras? … That’s the whole reason why we had a boot camp [to train for the movie]: In order to be physically able to move as a unit. That was more important. That’s what I’m saying, right? Who is in love with whom and whatever — that was not important in this movie."

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