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ONTD Original: Six Artists We're Looking Forward to Dropping New Music in 2018

We live, breathe, and need new music. How else would we go on about our days? On our morning commutes to work or while traveling, outside while jogging, hitting up the gym, or during an e•mo•tional break-up...music is a key staple that gets us through. So how is 2018 shaping up music wise? Well, not too bad actually. It seems promising and while ONTD loves quality, we'll also be damned if we don't love and are obsessed with our BOPS™. 'Cause you know you're killing it on the dance floor to CRJ's "Cut to the Feeling" telling others to step aside while you drunk show them how it's done. Sure it was posted online and you became a hilarious meme / hashtag...on the plus side, you went viral. When will the others in your family do it? Here are five artists dropping new music in 2018 that we're looking forward to.

Frank Ocean | TBA 2018

Ocean has promised his fans new music in 2018 and on Valentine's Day he sorta made good on his word by releasing a cover of “Moon River” on his YouTube and Tumblr accounts. The 1961 original, by Henry Mancini and written by Johnny Mercer, was sung by Audrey Hepburn in the classic 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' and has been covered over the years by Jerry Butler, Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra and several others. So far no details on #FO3 (or is it 4? did Endless count?) but Frank has told fans via Tumblr: “Well I made the album before 30. I just ain’t put that bitch out! — quotes from an interview I haven’t given haha.” He also said that if fans loved 2017 then they'll “love 2018.”

Ariana Venti Grande | TBA 2018

It's been two years since we've heard new material from Grande in the form of her third studio album, Dangerous Woman. Last December the songstress teased fans via Instagram with a new song snippet and the caption "see you next year." Involved on #AG4 is Pharrell Williams who told the Los Angeles Time: “Well, the Ariana Grande stuff is pretty amazing. The things that she has to say on this album, it's pretty next-level. Her album is amazing.” Are you guys ready to Bop to Into You 2.0? Hopefully lazily "written" Harry Styles material stays off this album too.

Arctic Monkeys | TBA 2018

As if waiting five years for The Killers' follow up to Battle Born wasn't painful enough, Arctic Monkeys and their fans join me in the it's been five years club. But the wait will soon be over this year. Bassist Nick O'Malley told motorcycling magazine For the Ride that the band had started recording an album last September and that it should be out in 2018. He adds: “If it isn’t. We’ve got problems.

Charli XCX | Mixtape/EP/Album? TBA 2018

It may have been three years since Charli XCX's second album, "Sucker," but fans haven't had a shortage of steady new music from the singer. Since then she's released an EP and and two mixtapes (Vroom Vroom, Number 1 Angel, & Pop 2). It is uncertain if XCX will even have a traditional release this year telling Fader: “I don’t know if I’ll even put out an album, or if it’ll be an album in a traditional format. I don’t know if it’ll be three albums. There’s so much scope to play with that now, more than ever. Is the album even valid for me as an artist any more? I’m not sure. I think there’s an opportunity to do something really cool and fun, and I’m still figuring out what that will be. But I don’t think it will suddenly be totally sonically different from the mixtape stuff. I think a lot of the same people will be involved. I think it will be a continuation of the journey.

Rihanna | #R9 TBA

Teddy Sinclair sis, get your pen ready and choose your wig because I need a sequel to "Kiss it Better." Not much is known about the follow up to 2016's 'ANTI' other than the singer is currently working on new material. Last September, Major Lazer producer Diplo confirmed Rihanna was working on #R9 and is hoping his fisher price dancehall beats make the album. He goes on to say: “We talked a little bit because she's writing a lot of new music right now for her next project and, hopefully, we can connect. I know that we both have the same affinity for dancehall and reggae and things like that. I know she knows she's a fan of our [Major Lazer's] music.” Diplo plz, this ain't a carribean airport.

Carly Rae Jepsen | TBA 2018

Queen of ONTD and lists, Carly Rae Jepsen, is dropping new music in 2018 and most of us with taste on ONTD will be shook. Can you imagine the post when the single/album drops? If it's anything like when "Cut to the Feeling" dropped I am shaking even more with anticipation. On Instagram, the singer updated her headline with: “When you move it’s like a disco darling - all my dreams come true.” Could it be lyrics to the first single? She's also confirmed new music is in fact coming via an InstaStory. The singer has already hinted that she's going from an 80's sound to a disco sound and we cannot wait. Time traveling backwards QUEEN. I have my white suit and disco ball ready for release day. Move out the way, Travolta.

ONTD, what releases are you looking forward to this year?

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