Like an unmade bed. (likeanunmadebed) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Like an unmade bed.

Smashing Pumpkins confirm tour + What do the Siamese Dream cover girls look like now??

In one of rock's most poorly kept secrets, coinciding with today's countdown clock hitting 0, the Smashing Pumpkins announced that they'll be going on the Shiny And Oh So Bright Tour this summer. D'Arcy Wretzky is indeed out of the lineup, and as mentioned in this post, Jeff Schroeder will be taking her spot. The band will be playing songs from their first five albums, from Gish to Machina.

Probably a more intriguing aspect of today's announcement was that the band got Ali Laenger and LySandra Roberts, the girls who appeared on the Siamese Dream cover, to star in their announcement video.

Source / Video

ONTD, will you be seeing the problematic Billy Corgan on tour just so you can re-live your youth?
Tags: concert / tour dates, music / musician (rock), reunion, where are they now
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