badtz m (badtz_m) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
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Pop Music Potential Emergency: Spice Girls WILL Tour?

- A 'source' stated Mel B signed a contract to tour, as well as the rest of the girls
- Rumors are the tour will be limited and in two countries (ugh)
- TMZ reported that they would tour, but without any official scoop
- Victoria has downright denied a Spice Girls tour during fashion week. However she has also stated there would not be any sort of reunion with the girls last year (maybe before she knew ha business was crunchinT)
- This would not be their first 'worst kept secret' where they denied certain plans (re: Olympics 2012 performance)

My takeaway: they are planning something, and these back and forth rumors of the tour is a way to build hype and making time to actually plan it. Following the tour will be the new show, which the tour will act as a promotional thing. Then they'll get to sell merch inbetween

The power of 5 keeps our bank account us ALIVE.. including POSH

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Tags: music / musician (pop), reunion, rumors / gossip, spice girls, victoria / david beckham
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