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FC Barcelona and Beko promote better eating and vegetables in new ad campaign

• Turkish appliance and consumer electronics brand Beko and Futbol Club, FC Barcelona, call the new ad campaign "not just a sponsorship but a social cause."

Beko on the 'Eat Like a Pro' campaign and promoting eating veggies: "Both brands enjoy shared values, rooted in the desire to truly make a difference to people's lives both locally and globally. This shared vision has resulted in a global initiative from Beko, 'Eat Like A Pro.'

• Today Beko and FC Barcelona announced Gerard Piqué as the global ambassador for the program.

The company also added: "Eat Like A Pro aims to help tackle the global epidemic of childhood obesity by helping parents and children on the importance of healthy eating and nutrition by showing what their heroes eat to perform at their best."

the good sis got that lemon water on deck.

ONTD, do you eat your veggies? Lemon water recipes?

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