a_files06 (a_files06) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

CBB US Day 6: Who needs love when you can get it in the backdoor!

-BB flashes back to the moments leading up to Keshia wanting to leave.

-Brandi is pissed that Keshia ruined her game and back-dooring Shannon out. World Peace doesn't understand how they would allow Keshia to go home but refused to allow him to be voted out. Shannon is happy that her target is gone.

-Shannon beasts through another HOH only to be dethroned by Ari. James is 1 second behind Ari in put put gold and thus Ari wins HOH.

-Meta claims to get his game on in retaliation for not being sent home.

-The house gives Ari a 24/7 bodyguard so Shannon/James can't influence her.

-Shannon is suspicious that her teammates will turn on her and has a breakdown with everyone being against her.

-Shannon confronts the house as Ari nominates her and James.

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Tags: big brother (reality show), reality show, reality show celebrity
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