Justin Timberlake's ‘Man of the Woods’ first-week sales are disastrous and embarrassing

Industry insiders predicted Mayo of the Woods to perform well and do numbers with upwards of 700k. Atrocious reviews and disastrous singles changed predictions of the albums first week sales. Still Rca/Mayo were desperate for a hit releasing 5 singles in a span of a month. The ultimate buzzkill for Mayo's album was his Superbowl halftime performance which was widely panned and had the lowest ratings for a halftime show in a decade. Mayo made history for not only having the worst halftime show in history or having the lowest rated performance but Mayo actually reversed predictions from 700k to a measely 293k. Mayo’s sales decline is surprising because he had the biggest platform in the world to promote the album — the halftime show at Super Bowl LII. A total of 103.4 million people watched the Super Bowl this year. Mayo timed his album release to take maximum advantage of that appearance. Mayo of the Woods came out two days before the big show, and he opened his performance with the album’s lead single, “Forgettable.” By contrast, last year’s headliner, Lady Gaga, performed more than three months after the release of her album Joanne. However, Gaga’s halftime show was widely praised, while Mayo’s received scathing reviews. Lady Gaga also managed to get over 118 million to view her show whereas Mayo barely held onto 103 million views. sad.

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