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Who went home on ANTM? 24x06

Shanice asked Christina whether or not she thinks the judges made a mistake sending Coura home over her, and ofc she said they didn't. Brendi K. called Christina out for thinking she's hot shit and being disrespectful to everyone, even the judges. Shanice ends the convo by saying Coura should still be here and Christina should have gone home. Rio is happy she won "over the pretty girl" so she won't be comparing herself to others anymore (lol we'll see how that goes).

Tyra announces that this week will be Pride themed for the LGBT+ community, and ofc Liberty talks about how she doesn't know any gay people because of where she's from, and how people from her town think being gay is a disease. Kyla then talks about how she was involved in Gay-Straight Alliance in high school, and Brendi K. tells the girls that she's bisexual while Shanice and Erin talk about how straight they are.

They go to Mickey's in West Hollywood where they're given a pop-up runway challenge. Christian Cowan is their designer for the day (same guy who did the fashion video last season), and the winner of the challenge gets to walk in his fashion show at NYFW. The girls are allowed to do whatever they want on the runway, so some of them went full-on ridiculous. Brendi K. got upset at the critiques bc she felt like she let down her community. The winner of the challenge was [Spoiler (click to open)]Khrystyana (damn I love this girl but Jeana should've won this one imo).

After the challenge, Kyla says "fuck Donald Tr*mp," followed by Liberty's talking head saying "Republicans get a bad rap because Tr*mp can be...a bit offensive." Kyla then says she wants everyone to be treated equally, to which Liberty speaks up and says men and women shouldn't be treated the same and uses maternity leave as an example. Liberty doesn't agree with feminism bc she's a Republican, and doesn't want to be treated the same way a man is, but then the conversation ends (damn, I was ready for more drama).

Christina chills in the hot tub to try to socialize with the other girls, but she just sits there looking pissed so Brendi K. asked what's wrong and they end up rehashing the drama over the trash thing from episode 3. Christina says she was raised really well off bc her mom went to Yale, while Brendi K. was raised in a military family so she's going to be straight forward and call people out. Christina continues to look down her nose at everyone.

For the photo shoot, they posed with Katya, Manila, and Valentina from RPDR, as the princess looking to overthrow the queen. The girls were paired with the queens as follows:

Valentina - Rio, Shanice, Jeana, Sandra
Manila - Kyla, Erin, Brendi K.
Katya - Liberty, Khrystyana, Christina

At panel, Brendi K., Liberty, and Kyla all got harsh critiques, and Kyla broke down in front of panel. Drew told her she has all the makings of a model, but she needs to turn it up.

[Best Photo]

[Bottom 2]


[Who went home?]

Episode at VH1.com
Results photos are screenshots from the episode
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