'Annihilation' Criticized for "White-Washed Casting"

The Biologist Lena is played by Natalie Portman, the character is of Asian descent in the books.
The Psychologist Dr. Ventress is played by Jennifer Jason Leigh. In the book, the character is half-Caucasian and half-American Indian.

Two organizations have accused the film of whitewashing these two characters: Media Action Network for Asian Americans and American Indians in Film and Television. :

“Writer/director Alex Garland is not being true and honest to the characters in the book. He exploits the story but fails to take advantage of the true identities of each character. Hollywood rarely writes prominent parts for Asian American and American Indian characters, and those roles could’ve bolstered the careers of women from those communities.”

“We are not surprised by the Whack-a-Mole diversity replacement that goes on; just when you finish objecting to one white-washed casting, another one pops up,”