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Stunning Portraits of Black Panther Cast + Director

Portraiture team Brinson+Banks photographed the stars and director of Black Panther for a feature in The New York Times.

The group discussed this unique cultural moment, representation at Disney, telling African stories, and what it means to be involved in bringing this story to a global audience.
"I’ve done other films that have had historic significance because of what has happened in the past, but this not only refers to the past, it sets the stage for where we’re going."

"What it does in such a beautiful way, to me, is it sets a precedent."

"Moving forward, everybody’s going to start to have the courage to tell bold stories that people didn’t think were lucrative."

"This movie is really about a contemporary Africa relating very intimately with a contemporary America via the characters of Black Panther and Killmonger. We’re talking about some really deep issues that we don’t often voice but we all feel."

"The fracture that Killmonger has, that’s the fracture I lived with my whole life. I’m from a place that I’d never been to."

Tags: black celebrities, chadwick boseman, danai gurira, disney, lupita nyongo, marvel, michael b jordan
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