Kingdom Hearts III: Pixar on Monsters Inc. World, Tangled Voice Acting, Utada's New Theme + More

– Since two new trailers dropped on Saturday, Disney and Square Enix have been discussing the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III more, due to release sometime later this year.
– Pixar animator Tasha Sounart confirmed that the story in the Monsters Inc. world is an original story, much like the one in the Toy Story world, which takes place after Toy Story 2 but before Toy Story 3. This is indicated by the construction going on with the Monsters Inc. building as well as the balloons and various decorations indicating the Monster world is just beginning to transition off of using fear from children as a power source.
– SE has released full renders and screenshots of the new previews as well, showing off new outfits and monster designs of the lead and Disney characters.
– A special behind the scenes video was shared at the exclusive D23 event, including a preview of the Kingdom of Corona from the Tangled animated film. Rapunzel's hair (and her fighting Heartless with it) was very difficult to animate. A minigame based on the Giantland Mickey Mouse animated special (Disney's version of Jack and the Beanstalk) will appear in the game.
– Zachary Levi (Flynn in Tangled) has not yet been asked back to reprise his role, but voice recording is one of the last, late tasks of game development.

– Utada Hikaru will include the new theme "Chikai" or "Oath" on her upcoming seventh studio album later this year, teasing she might have to leak the full version if her album comes out before the game does. The song snippet and clips of KHIII appeared on Japanese television after the trailer dropped.

ONTD, are you ready to hold this game physically in your hands in less then a year and weep at the realization it's real and not a myth you repeated to yourself to get through early adulthood?

Also, would anyone like a "how to get into the series" ONTD original?

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