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ONTD Original: Five of the Best Dressed Men in Pink

Celebrity men that try and pull off pink in a suit and do it well is a rare feat. It's not easy to pull off that color and lewk without looking like you're going to your Senior Prom wearing an ill fitted suit. But you got a good deal at the suit store around the corner from the Subway you and your friends frequent at and honestly...you were feeling yourself that day. It won't be until five or six years later you look back at the photos and you think "what kind of hot pink mess." Luckily for the men in Hollywood and unfortunately for us, they had stylists to help ease the pink into a solid lewk. Here are five men who pulled it off well and looked like a tasty snack 🍫  while doing it.

♪ Push me up against the wall, don't take it easy. You like it hard like me, it's what you need. ♫ Zayn Malik is looking quite dapper and handsome with a white embroidered rose on his light pink suit by Richard James. The 25-year-old ocassional live performer wore this lewk at this year's boring 2018 Grammy Awards ceremony.

Pocket King and snack size singer Bruno Mars was able to rock pink on the red carpet and in the music video with Mark Ronson for the plagiarized "Uptown Funk." Unlike a certain snore in camo at this year's SuperBowl, Mars was actually able to put on a show and benefit from a sales bump in album/ticket sales the following week. Wow, a performer that can sell.

The former host of Bravo's "Make Me a Supermodel," Tyson Beckford, was able to look fione in pink for a Victoria's Secret red carpet event. Beckford has been one of the most successful black male models in the industry appearing in various ad campaigns, runways, and various appearances on television and film. In 2004, he was featured in Britney Spears' clip for "Toxic." In 2018, he looks the same as he did in that music video over a decade ago.

Ok, ok...now you knew I couldn't leave this little fashionista, Brandon Flowers, out of this list. BFlow has been rocking pink and has been doing it and doing it and doing it well since his guyliner days in 2004-5. Now in 2018, he's still looking like a tasty snack in pink. Come 'round, ONTD.

Now this is where I'm probably going to lose most of you and you guys will turn on this OP - if you haven't already. *braces self* A country singer really? Look, Sam Hunt pulled the light pink suit off well enough. Not many Lego head shaped men could pull it off so props to him. Now back to the South you go heaux.

ONTD, do you look good in pink?

Sources: Me - 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
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