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ONTD Original: The Spanish period piece craze

Maybe it's the accent, maybe it's the epic romance or the fact that it's a series format so you don't feel like you're watching a telenovela, but lately I've been noticing EVERY SINGLE WOMEN I know watches at least one spanish series set in the early to mid XX century (Note: I do not live in Spain). Netlfix knows this formula works, and not only shows them in the front page all the time, but also produces them, so maybe they'll keep coming until we all get bored.

If you haven't been caught by this strange phenomenon but enjoy love stories and pretty dresses, here I present you a list

Las Chicas del Cable (2017-?)

Probably the most well known internationally, this Netflix original series stars eyelash queen Blanca Suarez and her former male cast mates in another big spanish series, El Internado. To this day, I keep thinking the casting was completely intentional: familiar faces, actors that worked well together and a couple they already knew it worked, this series was destined to succeed. Romantic elements aside, the main catch of this series is not the love story between Alba/Lidia, Francisco and Carlos, but the story of the four main girls and the hardships of being a woman in the 20's, it's feminist message it's more than relevant today, you end up really caring about them and their friendship.

It also has a lesbian storyline that's well received in the community according to my search, and it's between main characters so it's featured a lot.

I'm still mad about the choice of music, it takes me out of my 20's fantasy but you should totally give this series a chance, even if it is just to support a show led by four women.

Velvet 2014-2016

The most soapy out of all of them, Velvet is the one that for me started the craze. Suddenly everyone, myself included, was watching the love story between Ana the seamstress and Alberto the owner of the fashion house she works for. This one feels more like your classic telenovela, but the supporting cast had a charm that hooked you in. It's cute, funny and light, unfortunately, once you star noticing Miguel Angel Silvestre left to star another great love story in Sense8, the series goes downhill but like I said, the supporting cast was amazing and even if the main storyline suffers a little, you want to keep watching for them.
Plus, it's great to watch just to see how the women on the show fight to make themselves a place in the fashion world, from Ana and her designs to Cristina and Barbara's jewelry collection and Patricia's fight to be taken seriously in the company.

Shout out to Mateo and Clara and to my queen Rita for their superb work on carrying the series even through the dark times.

Gran Hotel (2011-2013)

Gran Hotel is gorgeous, honestly. You've probably already heard of this one because it's been broadcast everywhere, already has a mexican remake and Eva Longoria recently bought the rights to produce the US version. We see Yon Gonzalez once again starring as Julio, a man that goes to work undercover in the hotel to investigate his sister's disappearance and falls in love with the owner's daughter in the process. This series is captivating, it's mysterious and it has pretty people, pretty dresses, pretty locations, a love story and great performances, please do yourself a favor and watch this before the US one comes, it's on Netflix.

Like any long series, it starts to drag a little towards the end, but it's completely worth the watch.

Tiempos de Guerra (Morocco) (2017)

By now you should've noticed the actors repeat themselves over and over again. The latest addition to the list, it premiered on Netflix last month and it's been heavily promoted on my front page despite not being an original according to my search. This one I haven't watched yet, but it stars Amaia Salamanca (yes, from Gran Hotel and Velvet) and it's about a group of high society women sent by spanish Queen Victoria Eugenia to nurse soldiers in the Rif War between Spain and Morocco (hence why you'll find this on Netflix under this title).

This show highlights the role of women during war, and of nurses in general. The duchess nurse is a queen that manages her hospital amazingly even with men opposition and it's worth the watch just for her alone. It suffers from whitewashing, but it make a good point about how muslims are not bad people and they even save the spaniards' asses a few times, but yes, the handling of the setting in Morocco is not the best.

El Tiempo entre Costuras (2013-2014)

Also known as "The time in between", this series follows Sira Quiroga, a seamstress turned spy and it chronicles various important historic events of Spain and the world. Set in the 30's, every episode has the feel of a movie and it's based on a book that I also recommend. You can see how much money and effort went into this series, it's very well done

This one isn't as romantic as the other ones and you can see it was produced by a different company (all the previous ones were produced by Bambu productions) because it has a very different tone.

Poor Sira suffers a lot, but it's more of a series than a serious telenovela, so if you're not convinced by the others, try this one. Plus, like I said, we have a woman spy here, enough said.

All series mentioned are available on Netflix, if you have any other recommendations on Spanish language series, romantic or not, feel free to comment. Which one of this is your fave?

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