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CBB US Day 3: End of the Year of the Woman? + Eviction!

-Shannon attempts to ease James' mind of being on the block so it's easier to get him out of the game.

-Mark chooses to side with James over Chuck

-Omarosa sets up a Black Girl Magic side alliance with Keshia and calls out Big Brother for their lack of having multiple black women on the show together.

-Mark is to honest with Keshia about who'd he save if he won Veto and sets a target on his back.

-Julie gives the housemates an update on what has been going on in the outside world since they've been in.

-Shannon shows how big of a threat she is by spelling a 16 letter word thus winning the power of veto. (everyone else spelled like 4-6 letter words)

-Keshia wants to send a message to Mark by putting him up on the block for supporting James. Ross is not in 100% agreeance. Shannon wants to try to make amends with Chuck which causes Omarosa to shut her down and going after her for being "me me me" (while she goes on about being herself) and sends Shannon into tears. Ross sits back in amazement.

-Brandi is not pleased with how the women are treating Ross as an afterthought in the alliance. Ross does not trust his alliance.

-The Year of the Woman alliance is showing its cracks.

-Keshia and Omarosa are not happy with Shannon having 2nd thoughts on not using the Veto. Brandi is not here for Omarosa running the house. Shannon goes against Keshia and Omarosa.

-Shannon takes back her power and rallys everyone behind Omarosa and Keshias back to vote out CHUCK

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