Guy Fieri: Muse of the Fashion World


Did you know that male models have been sporting flame printed shirts for fall menswear? Well, now you do. Prada, Dior, Homme, and the SSS World Corp have dragged their clothing through Flavortown’s polluted waters and set them ablaze. That’s right. The Guy Fieri look is now fashionable and the current trend for 2018. Are you excited? Frosted tips are back, baby!

The following statements do not reflect the OP’s personal feelings toward this iconic design:

2523aec3bec41120bf.png Liana Satenstein, Vogue news writer, described flame shirts as a “special brand of sleaze” and the “least sexy clothes in existence.”

2523aec3bec41120bf.png Kirby Marzec, Vogue senior market editor: “[Flame shirts are] that weird heavy-metal-meets-grunge-mall-rat guy with the awful pointy beard, gelled spiky hair, and is totally drinking a Monster Energy drink.”

2523aec3bec41120bf.png Alessandra Codinha, Vogue culture editor: “I think if you have to communicate how hot you are by wearing clothes painted with literal flames, you’re not.”

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