Reviews for Natalie Portman's Annihilation are online now

With a trailer that served us an almost all female cast facing an unknown force in the Jungle to save Oscar Isaac's character, many were left wondering if the Natalie Portman starring Annihilation would be any good? Some early rumors suggested the test screenings didn't go so well. Is it good?

“Make no mistake, #Annihilation is a new sci-fi classic,” wrote one early viewer. “Brilliant, thrilling, and provocative, it has as much metaphoric depth as it does narrative tension. I’m floored.”

Another added, “Alex Garland’s #Annihilation is absolutely phenomenal. It’s gorgeous and mesmerizing, with brilliant performances from the entire ensemble. It’s a remarkable vision, and has a sequence so thrilling that I was left literally dizzy. It will be on my Top 10 of 2018 without question.”

"Alex Garland’s #Annihilation is another example of the kind of brainy sci-fi we don’t see enough of. Badass female cast and a story that’s both beautiful and wickedly disturbing, and an ending you will talk about for days. Dug it so much."

Lots more reviews at the source. Could this be the sleeper hit we deserve?