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Riverdale 2x14 Promo "The Hills Have Eyes" & Interview w/Showrunner RAS

On March 7 (March 8 for international viewers), the core four go away for a romantic getaway at what seems to be Veronica's lake house. Betty packed her wig to have some BDSM fun times with Jughead.

Veronica also wants to kiss him in order to make things "even". They'll all probably argue at some point.

Cheryl/Toni might actually be on! Kevin remains single though maybe Midge wants a threesome... Josie remains stuck in her depressing daughter role while her mom gets to put her lawyer hat on and just openly flirt with her boy toy.

Maybe the Black Hood's twin comes back to exact more vengeance and bore us some more


-Hermoine's ALSO a crime boss in her own right and will be going up against Hiram some more rather than just be the supportive housewife. Archie's eager to jump into bed with the Lodges because the Black Hood made him feel powerless so he's drawn to the power the Lodges seem to wield. But Fred's not going to be happy about that

-We'll learn more about Chic, and if you thought this ~~~DAAAAARK connection with Betty was over....well, what do you think. And according to RAS, Betty gets misery porn rained down on her because Lili's a good actress, and he sure does love "deconstructing" the girl next door archetype (WHERE)

-The parents are going to be involved in their own big story soon enough. Like we'll find out more about FP and Alice's connection. And maybe the former mayor and current sheriff decide to tie the knot which would give Kevin and Josie something to do

-After ignoring it for the past six episodes, they'll finally address Cheryl's less than healthy way of expressing her feelings for Josie

Are you ready for this month long hiatus?
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