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Who went home on ANTM? 24x05

The girls discuss how much quieter it is without Liz.

Ashley comes to visit the girls in the house to talk about unconventional beauty and diversity. Jeana talks about her alopecia and embracing her bald head, while Coura talks about being turned down for looking too masculine and Rio talks about never being the "pretty girl." Sandra talks in a confessional about how it's hard for her to relate to the conversation because she's been blessed w/ her looks.

Ashley then introduces Patrick Starrr the beauty vlogger to introduce the challenge. The girls have to use unconventional products to do a beauty hack vlog episode with Patrick in teams. Some of the items include a hardboiled egg, tape, and a condom. The winner, who will have her episode featured on Patrick's channel, was chosen individually instead of by teams, and is [Spoiler (click to open)]Sandra.

Christina disagrees with the feedback she gets, because she's worked with top people in the industry who all love her. Rio is annoyed with the challenge, since she was paired with Christina, and she was bitter that [Spoiler (click to open)]Sandra won and compares her to Kim K., "all shade intended."

The girls go out to dinner, and Brendi K. and Shanice get into a little snippy argument but Brendi K. says that it's because they're so similar that they fight like sisters but then are cool later. Rio starts talking about how disappointed she is that she hasn't won a challenge yet, especially this one since her little sister just graduated from high school and loves Patrick so she really wanted to win the challenge for her. Rio lays into Sandra for reminding her of the pretty girls in high school who got attention over her. Sandra replies pretty reasonably and points out that it's Rio's personal issue, not hers.

The next day, Drew has the girls meet him by the pool to make "beauty sandwiches," which means they'll be photographed with their heads stacked on top of each other in groups of three. Sandra gets to shoot hers with Ashley and a friend (Kyla) and receive direction from Ashley during the shoot. Shanice is salty that Sandra didn't pick her since they were in the vlog together.

The other teams are Rio, Coura, & Jeana; Khrystyana, Brendi K., & Liberty; and Erin, Shanice, & Christina. Christina's teammates complain about her ssquishing them with her head and acting like she knows everything, while Rio complains about how much praise Sandra is getting during her shoot. Afterwards, Christina is worried her performance will be brought down by the other two in the photo because they're much weaker than she is (now sis, lmao).

At panel, the girls are judged in groups. Tyra asked the Shanice/Christina/Erin group how they felt. Shanice called Christina lazy for putting her weight on the other girls and squishing them, and Christina defends herself (in her usual know-it-all fashion) but starts tearing up at the critiques.

[Best Photo (besides Ashley, as Tyra made sure to point out)]

[Bottom 2]


[Who went home?]

Episode at VH1.com
Results photos are screenshots from the episode

Next week is the RPDR crossover episode!! Get excited!!
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