Casting breakdown for the Charmed reboot

Casting breakdowns are out for the Charmed reboot and the main characters are named Macy, Mel, and Madison. Along with the sisters, they're casting Harry (possibly a Whitelighter), Macy's documentary filmmaker boyfriend, and and Madison's ex-boyfriend, Beau. The casting call for the sisters is for all ethnicities.

Macy is described as a witty science nerd with a Ph.D. in quantum physics. She's telekinetic and believes she's Mel and Madison's sister.

Mel Pruitt is a strong-willed feminist and a lesbian. After a tragic accident, her grief causes her to becomes angry and violent and pushing away any who want to help, including her girlfriend (Soo Jin, a detective). She can freeze time.

Madison Pruitt is the youngest sister - a cheerleader pledging a sorority and wants to fit in. She's not happy about being a witch and is telepathic.