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Mod post!

So for those who didn't see this morning's roundup Brenden is leaving ONTD. blacktinbox zyuranger and I will be the maintainers and there are currently no other changes to the mod lineup or to any of the rules.

We will be keeping up with the weekday ONTD roundups and FFAF. Valenstans are also still happening!

I'm reposting the rules for making an ONTD post since it's been awhile and I'm sure everyone could use a refresher. AFTER you've read them please feel free to comment with any questions/concerns/non-tag related suggestions (yes we are going to have a tag suggestion post soon).

CONTENT. As the old timers remember, years back we used to be able to post articles in full. This ended when LJ cracked down and starting banning people for copyright infringement. If you don't want to be permanently banned from LJ don't post copyrighted text. When posting an article please include at least a line or two of summary in your own words. The same goes for vids. Also please remember that hotlinking images and gifs is not allowed. And if your post has multiple tweets or videos you should add a cut.

POLITICAL POSTS Since Trump was elected we've been more lax about letting these through. However these should be posted as "Celebs react to" posts with a minimum of 5 celebs reacting. Journalists and the Pod Save America guys do not count as celebs either.

INSTAGRAM. We are still getting this one several times a day so we thought we would spell it out here again. You can post embeds from Instagram on Livejournal but you cannot copy / paste their embed code directly. If you do this your post will be rejected since the embeds are broken. In order to get Instagram pots to embed you need to copy the URL of the post (i.e. and paste the URL into the Insert Media tool.

REJECTION NOTICES. These are sent out every time a post is rejected. I cannot stress this enough. They go out automatically every time. Before you start freaking out that no one ever told you why your post hasn't gone up please check the spam folders on the email affiliated with your Livejournal account. Even if they have not gone to this folder before please check it because it might have ended up there. If you still think you aren't receiving these then please contact LJ support and they should be able to help you further because they are definitely being sent. Also, please read your rejections and make adjustments to your post. Sometimes we'll reject a post because of an issue that's laid out in the rejection notice only to have a person resubmit the same post six times (no exaggeration) with the exact same issue which just gets everyone involved frustrated.

LISTING SOURCES. Your source needs to be easily identifiable at a quick glance. When submitting a post please make sure that you have the word "Source" somewhere by your sources. This doesn't mean that every link needs to say "SOURCE SOURCE SOURCE SOURCE SOURCE". You have a few options here for single sources like "Source: [Site where content comes from]" and when you have multiple sources you can spell them all out or just have "Source 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5" with each being linked appropriately. Even if you're typing out the full URL of your site at the end of the post the link should be preceeded by the word 'source'.

TWITTER SOURCES. This one is a two parter. 1.) If you are using a twitter as your source then the tweet you are sourcing must be embedded in your post. 2.) If you are using twitter as a source please try to give us more information than just the tweet. This is a bit of a judgment call because some tweets speak for themselves. Like if the whole story is something like "Bendysnicker Cabbagepatch cast as Doctor Strange" then that's really all the information that we need, it's a complete story. Some require more information so please don't be afraid to include your own bullet points / highlights / summary so that we know what we're talking about and / or why we should care about this particular story :)

BANNED SOURCES. Just a reminder that a list of banned sources can be found on our profile page. You can also still use embeddable material from banned sources as the whole point of something embeddable is to share it so there's no change here. However writing things in posts like "according to a banned source" is really old meme and about 75% of the time the sources that are being referenced aren't even banned. Moving forward these posts will be rejected and you will be asked to resubmit with different text.

BROKEN/OBSOLETE SOURCES Reminder that Imgur no longer works on LJ so please don't use them to host your images. Also Getty Images changed their embeddable code awhile ago so that it no longer works on LJ either unfortunately.

TITLES. Just make sure a title of a post gives us a clear picture of what the post is about - Who, what, where, why, when etc. Ideally these should be pretty straight forward. Use celebrities full names in the post title instead of jokey nicknames. Editorializing should be saved for your OP note :)

TAGS. Don't be afraid to use a lot of tags on a post! We have plenty of tags for individual actors and different film genres. There are also film trailer / stills and television promo / stills tags which aren't used that often. Even if you're posting a promo for a show that has it's own tag since it's a promo the television promo / stills one should also be used.

OT COMMENTS. Again these are technically against the rules. You can basically go OT daily in Round Up and we have FFAF just for this purpose. If you're in a regular post though at least try to make your initial comment related to the post before you ultimately go off on your own issues. OT comments particularly on the first page of a post or in death posts are rude and tacky so lets try to cut back on these.

REPORTING. Occasionally we will get people saying things like why hasn't so and so been banned for things that they have said and done several months ago. More often than not these instances were never reported. There are a hand full of mods here but this is a massive community and there are a lot of posts / comments to read through. We do not see every comment on every post, especially when some threads continue days after the fact after a post has initially gone up. If you have an issue with someone or see rule breaking please report it. We can't do anything if we don't know about something. You can report by PM'ing a mod directly. Please do not try to "page" a mod (tagging one of our usernames in a thread) as this function no longer appears to be working and hasn't done so for months. Also do not contact LJ support for an issue you have with a user because you're just going to confuse some tech people who have no affiliation with this community.

BE NICE. You don't have to like everyone here and you don't have to agree with them either but please don't get personal and start attacking one another. If someone is getting nasty with you let a mod know. If you start flinging insults back at them chances are you're both going to get banned in the process. It seems that we always have to go over this but it is what it is. Calling another member a cunt is personal attack... calling one of the celebrities someone is posting about a cunt is not. It is possible to get in even a pretty intense argument / disagreement with someone without resorting to personal attacks and name calling.

HAVE FUN. Brenden leaving feels like the end of the era. But ONTD will continue on!
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