Top 10 (4) Underrated Taylor Swift songs

  • #10: "Getaway Car" Reputation - "The electro-pop track is about looking for a way out of a relationship and many fans were quick to ask, 'is this about leaving Calvin Harris for Tom Hiddleston?'"

  • #8: "The Story of Us" Speak Now - "While so many of Swift's songs have a vicious edge to them, this cut from Speak Now focused more on frustration than anger."

  • #5: "I Know Places" 1989 - "Scared of the way people can try to ruin their friend's happiness, Taylor wrote a song about escaping to save your love...the song is also about nurturing a romance away from the paparazzi."

  • #2 "Enchanted" Speak Now - "Framing a chance encounter like a fairy tale, Swift wrote this song about being swept away by someone she just met.  Penning the track immediately after the encounter took place, the song's huge arc charts her wave of emotions.  After a more whimsical opening with guitars and synthesizers, the song becomes a rock epic as it closes out."

ONTD, what is your favorite deep track that everyone should listen to immediately?
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