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I’ll be your favorite worst mistake.

A shirtless Tyler Hoechlin in Chloe Bennet's InstaStories + First look at TyHo in Fifty Shades Freed

Chloe Bennet, best known for her role as Daisy Johnson (formerly known as Skye) in ABC's Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, shared an Instagram story featuring Tyler Hoechlin. In the InstaStory, Chloe writes: "@tylerl_hoechlin threw me in the pool mid game. @sam_hayes and @thejosephangelo did NOTHING TO HELP ME." Poor Chloe. Friends, how many of us have them? Friends, ones we can depend onnnn.

In other TyHo thirst news, a 'Fifty Shades Freed' still featuring Hoechlin as Boyce Fox was recently released. The film opens this Friday, February 9th. Click the cut below to see him wearing clothing for reasons unknown.

watch this OP go hard, deep, and undercover to get you the true story.

Sources: 1 | 2
Tags: actor / actress, celebrity social media, gqmf, sexy, tyler hoechlin
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