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Spice Girls Reunion Project: A Television Talent Show?

Just a few days ago, the Spice Girls got together for a meeting with Simon Fuller and made #headlines (friendship never ends) as they posted pictures of their afternoon onto social media.

A podcast host named Geoff Lloyd tweeted something regarding to the spicy plans:

This could be likely due to the fact that a day before they actually met up on February 2nd, a source reported that the girls were planning to meet up for a project with a possibility of a new compilation album, endorsements, or a television show in China. How do you feel about this idea fellow, Generation of Spice?

*In Goodbye.mp3 tune* No, no, no, noooo....
Okay I knew in my heart this was not gonna be a tour/live musical performance but how DARE they do a cheesy television show in Taiwan China talking about how they used to be famous creating a new band. Gary, Melvin C, and the rest... pls!

Sources: 1 2 3
Tags: rumors / gossip, spice girls
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