Reviews for Black Panther Are In! Many Are Calling It the Best Marvel Film Ever

Currently sitting at 100% with 54 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, the movie is getting rave reviews.

-Calls it the best Marvel movie by far and it's most visually striking. It's a landmark in representation. Praises it's genuine sense of culture and identity and it's depiction of a thriving, technologically advanced society that’s been untouched by colonialism.

- Boldest Marvel movie yet and a game-changer. Well thought-out exploration of the horrors of colonialism. Michael B Jordan is the best Marvel villain. Movie has undertones of Shakespearean and greek tragedy. Movie is entertaining, action-packed, and has a lot of heart.

-Calls it a superhero movie for the ages and a thrilling film that has real social value and importance.

-Describes it being black as hell and that the experience watching it is indescribable. Action scenes are the best in Marvel, better than Winter Solider.

Yesss Black Excellence!
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