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Quentin Tarantino attempts damage control, responds to Uma Thurman's interview in the New York Times

  • He and Uma talked before the piece came out. He thought that Maureen Dowd would interview him to bring context to the information about the crash but she never did. He also claims he was going to point the finger at other people but they "lawyered up" which is why it looks like he's at fault for forcing Uma to do an unsafe stunt

  • He never thought of the car sequence as a stunt, says he never screamed at Uma or bullied her. Says that he drove the road first to make sure it was okay and then told her it would be really easy to do and was completely straight, even though he thought of her as a "shaky" driver

  • After telling Uma he had tested the road he then had her drive in the opposite direction because of the light. The road in the opposite direction was not straight like he had told Uma and was much more dangerous than he anticipated

  • Calls the accident one of the biggest regrets of his life because for the next few years they had a bad relationship

  • Complains that the NYT article de-emphasized all the good he did irl

  • Did not take Mira's allegations of assault seriously when she told him about it

  • Says that he insisted Harvey apologize to Uma for almost raping her as a condition of making the movie together

  • Says the 90s were a different time re: sexual assault and harassment

  • He says that he chose himself to spit on Uma because he trusted himself to get the shot done in only a few takes

  • Says Uma suggested he be the one to choke her

  • Talks about choking Diane Kruger in Inglorious Bastards and says he really was choking her for 30 seconds with a stunt guy monitering her so that her veins would pop out and it would look real because it was real

  • He has been talking to Uma since the article dropped and she told him the bad press he is getting is his own fault for not talking to Maureen Dowd

  • Insists he and Uma are still good friends

  • Points out that in a recent instagram post Uma listed the three men she holds responsible for the crash: Lawrence Bender, E. Bennett Walsh, and the notorious Harvey Weinstein and that the NYT redacted some of their names for their article


Uhhh, I'm glad Uma has made peace with him, but this interview does not make him look great.
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