Phineas Gage (frejasface) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Phineas Gage

Taylor Swift might be secretly building a giant luxury building in New York City?


Taylor Swift has allegedly bought another luxury apartment and may combine it with two others to form one giant super-penthouse/townhouse.

She owns an 8,300-square foot penthouse in TriBeca that she combined from two individual 4,000-square foot units. She also bought also bought the three-story townhouse next door to her building.

Now, she has apparently bought a third huge unit in her building... or has she? And does she have an ulterior motive? Put on your detective hats and break out your LaToya gifs, ONTD.



An LLC purchased the apartment, which should be worth about $5 million, for nearly twice the price at $9.75 million. It's the same LLC that Swift used to purchase the next-door townhouse. The notary and attorney used in this transaction is the same notary/attorney who notarized the deed for Taylor's penthouse and her other units. The notary has not been used in other buyers' or sellers' real estate transactions for this building.

It is possible that Taylor (if she is indeed the buyer) wishes to break through the buildings' walls and connect the three units + adjacent townhouse into a giant, two-building luxury penthouse/townhouse. This seems super unlikely to be permitted, but rich, powerful people have have been able to get away with ridiculous real estate permits before. Another possibility is that she would use the next-door building's indoor garage to come and go without paparazzi detection. (I choose to believe the first option, because it seems more likely from La Diabla.)

Real estate post?

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