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Esquire interview with Milo Ventimiglia about the Super Bowl episode and more

On his encounters with fans: “It's a lot of hugs. People want to hug me, and they want advice. I guess I've taken over from Mr. Cunningham [of Happy Days] and Mr. Arnold [of The Wonder Years] as America's father, so people are often looking for that parental feeling.” The show’s earnest, heart-on-sleeve quality unlocks something, he explained: People will tell him about their own fathers, their adopted children, their bereavements.

On whether the show has changed his perspective on having a family of his own:
“I’m playing almost directly the era of when my parents raised my sisters and me; there were three of us, we grew up in the ’80s, I was a teenager in the ’90s. Everything [on the show] feels very close to how I was raised. The show hasn't inspired me to go have kids, I'll tell you that much, but I think the value of family—and not only the family you're born into but the family that you make and you create with your friends—that’s a message I’m often reminded of.”

On whether he's out of a job with this episode: “I’ve been dead from the get-go, and though we’re now showing the death, we’re still gonna be bouncing around in different timelines. This is not the end of Jack.”

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