Justin Timberlake Super Bowl reviews (spoiler: it was bad)

The Atlantic goes in: says this version of "Filthy" was garbled, from the "extremely garbled new album", went through the songs like a "player with easy-mode in a video game", botched "My Love" and "Cry Me a River" by turning them into "choppy rock rehearsals" and finishes by calling the blurry Prince projection a part of "career-long theft of black swagger" he's been doing.

Deadline: says it even lacked "the spontaneity or sheer will power that a flu suffering Pink", calls it the "Super Bowl equivalent of a black screen".

The New Yorker: says that the fact that he cut off "Rock Your Body" right before the "I'll have you naked" is "spineless deflection", calls out his banter as "the bleakest ever". Calls "Can't Stop the Feeling" "psychotically chipper" and the whole performance "eerily un-self-aware".

The Washington Post: simply says that Justin Timberlake "lost the Super Bowl". In the end they basically state that the one good thing about this whole performance is that now we can leave Justin Timberlake behind, and indeed stop the feeling.

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